Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Finds and A Walk in the Woods

Lunabudknits is a team member of mine on Bluegrass Etsy. I telling you her yarns make me want to learn to knit. The colors are just beautiful aren't they?
Take a look at her shop:
This afternoon we went walking in the woods. The tree colors are not as pretty as usual due to the drought, but it was still pretty nice. Buster had a ball running through the leaves and smelling all the critters back there. The sun made the trees look like they were on fire. I picked up hickory nuts, if they are good I'll go back and get enough to make a pie.
This was taken while I was laying in the hammock. I thought the sky was such a beautiful shade of blue and the clouds were so wispy. Tomorrow morning is pancake breakfast an t the fire station. It is an annual tradition opening morning of deer season. I hope I can roll myself out of bed early.


Kyfarmlife said...

Lovely pics! Where did ya walk at today??? Like the hammock pic! Must have been yesterday when you took those when it was still warmer out! Tomorrow is on hold until I see how Norm is tomorrow, I prob cant meet with Libby

Fab Fibers said...

Stopping by to say hello Mari.
What a beautiful part of the country you live in. I want to say you don't have to learn to knit
you can make some great braided things using the Kumihimo disk. That yarn would make some beautiful necklaces!