Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Me Nosey

So I have spent the day playing with the new computer. You know getting everything the way I like it so Dennis can change to the way he likes it. I loaded part of my pictures and had the wonderful idea that it would be the perfect time to organize them. The flash stick only had 1225 on it!!!!!! Yes to all of you, I did delete and put the all in folders the sad thing is I still have to do the external hard drive that has most of the pictures, how could I have this many pictures?? Let's just see how good my intentions are and how long I can keep organized.

I have gone on a trading frenzy on ETSY. Hey it is a great way to get things you want and not spend cash. I traded for a pair of fingerless gloves and stained glass and tiny Thank You cards and that is in just two days. My hands always get cold in the living room so I thought fingerless gloves would be such a cool idea. I let you know is they work.

The picture above is a picture of Maxie my nieces cat. Mary had taken this when I gave her my camera to use in July. I forgot I had the picture and i laughed when I saw it. It describes Maxie's personality to the tee. She is always into everything.

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