Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunsets, Sand and Kitties

This is the most beautiful sunset I have seen in many years. The sky seemed as if it were on fire.
I am so Blessed to have wonderful friends, tow of my neighbors took me to Destin FL last week. We did nothing but play on the beach lounge in the pool and well really what else do you need in life? I had never been to the Gulf Coast (sorry still the ocean in my book!) so it was a real treat. It took me awhile but I learned how to walk with the waves pounding at you. the sand was white and the water so blue it was just beautiful.

How cute is this? Logan found a litter of kittens by the lake. We felt the need to rescue them. I dug out the old dog kennel and they are all in their barn. We have all spent many hours sitting and playing with them. Shhhh..... don't tell Dennis but guess what we are getting.

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Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Oh you are in SOOOO much trouble! I bet Dennis reads this just like he does mine...and you are SOOOOOO in T R O U B L E !!!! HEE HEE!