Monday, July 6, 2009

Thunder over the Pond

This is the first year I had the pleasure to attend "Thunder over the Pond", for all you Kentuckians you know it is a jest for Thunder over Louisville. I cannot tell you what a wonderful time we all had. There were 500 friends and neighbors on a farm field just looking for a great time. Here are a few shots of the evening hope you all enjoy.
There were beautiful little girls walking up the hill for smores
This is part of my crew: Neil's hand to the left, Logan (my wonderful neighbor) and her cousin Jamie. The rest included me, Dennis and Evelyn(Logan Mom). As you can see we played cards waiting for the BIG event. Yep played Slap Scrabble and I lost again, just don't understand why I like that game so much.
I love this picture. There were two tractors for the hayride one with two trailers. I choose not to go I am still a little odd about my shoulder. They were gone for almost an hour and everyone had a grand time.
This is James driving the 4-wheeler, he graciously hosted the party. Dalton is on the front I think that is where Dalton spent the whole evening. you can see people fishing behind the 4 wheeler we actually saw a fish caught.

This was the Big event of the evening. James it was amazing Thank YOU. The fireworks were some of the best I have seen in a long time. How many more days till 4th of July again?


Anonymous said...

sounds like a lot of fun :D
that firework photograph is stunning i'm envious

i'm adding you to my blogroll so i can continue to visit :)

WildBlack said...

The tractor-trailor photo is too good! :D
Great eye!