Saturday, March 14, 2009

I love this bracelet the colors are so me, I am not sure it is leaving! It is a fantastic lampwork bead by Jill Symons with a wonderful iridescence that does not show on the bead. Jade, sterling and amethyst compliment the colors of the bead.

Poor Radish passed away his short life he was well loved. I know he will be waiting at the Bridge to welcome us all over. Rae my thoughts are with you sweetie and know I love you.

I started water aerobics this week. Dr. Been thought it would be a great therapy for me. My neighbor Evelyn came with me and we had the best time. She laughed when she told me my whole face light up as soon as I got in the water. Have I told you all I love the water it soothes me. The class was great and I really could keep up and only had to modify a little. Swimming? I do not think so, I can't rotate my arm just yet. I look more like a floundering fish! I can breast stroke and side stroke so all is not lost. We will go twice a week for now and try to increase it slowly. Amazing I was not sore at all the next day.

Today we have nothing planned. WooHoo. Love days of nothingness. I need to finish my earrings for Terie to get ready to post on Monday.


KimberlyRies said...

Your photography is lovely Mari! Glad you enjoyed the water aerobics and that you weren't sore. I know Tina and I can't wait to meet you in April. Your name came up when I visited her studio a couple weeks ago! Enjoy your day with nothing to do. Those are priceless!!

Kyfarmlife said...

OH WOW That is THE best picture of your jewelry you've ever taken! The flowers...PERFECT touch!
I'm so happy that swimming went well! I'm amaized at how well you have done with your shoulder! You sure have a lot of grit girl!
You know I love you too!

JillSymons said...

Yes, I agree - you have become quite an accomplished photographer! Good for you, as when we sell online - pictures are ALL they have to go on!

I'm sorry to hear about Radish... :(
Just so sad, I'm sure you got mighty attached.

I've got some good news........