Monday, March 9, 2009

These are the FEMA trucks that are picking up the tree branches from the ice storm. People have brush piled up all along the road waiting to be collected. I was stuck in traffic waiting for this one to get done so what else to do but take pictures? I will take a picture of our brush pile it is ginormous, Dennis worked all day cutting limbs and dragging them down to the pile.
Yes that really is a horse in the house!! Not just any horse, this is Radish (get it?). He was born a little premature due to an infection his damn has. Then momma horse rejected him, but not Momma Rae he actually tracks the sound of her voice already. He is about 10 hours old when I took this pictures and just as soft as could be. They have to feed him about every 2 hours and of course I have offered to help. It is still chilly here at night and with no mom to keep him warm he would die so he will be kept inside till he is stronger. Keep little Radish in your prayers to keep him getting stronger.

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Creations With Heart said...

Radish is adorable! I think it's wonderful what you're doing to help him. Give him a hug for me please! :)