Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wild onions aren't they cool. I am going to start a photo challenge that Rachel enters every week. I thought it would give me something to work for creatively and help me learn how to take better pictures. It is amazing how much your mind changes when you look through a view finder. This weeks challenge is "Lines" Lines are they always straight? Do they need to be? I think my Onion grass are great lines. I was shocked at how many things are lines when looked with an artist eye.

Tonight me and 5 of my friends ( Yes I do have some! ) went to South East Christian Church for their Easter Play. I do not think I have ever seen a larger church. The parking lot holds 5000 cars and the church is a campus. The chapel seats 2000. They put on the most awesome production, sound effects were deafening the music beautiful and the acting flawless. There were camels, goats ,donkeys and the cutest lamb. It portrayed the life and death of Jesus. I enjoyed it so much.

I did water aerobics again today and was struck with the reality I can no longer swim! I can;t rotate my arm correctly. Made me a little sad swimming has always been a joy for me. Oh well, I can still doggie paddle and breast stroke just no more fast powerful swimming.


angelinabeadalina said...

Your picture is perfect for "lines"! I love looking for lines and patterns in nature :) One of my favorites is that magical geodesic dome (or garden nuisance, depending on how you look at things), the dandelion in the white seed form. Happy picture taking, Mari! I know you're going to find some wonderful ones!

Wilmoth Farms Rachel & Her Farmer said...

I'm having trouble with this weeks challenge, of course getting out and a bout has been a huge challenge with this broke toe! ARGH! I have an idea of a photo I'm going to take tho..we'll see how it turns out.
Hey i used to go to South East when I lived in Louisville and I grew up in their sister church, Okolona Christian! How cool you went! Massive isnt it? Youd be surprised at how warm and little it all seems once you go tho! My fav minister Bob Russell is retired now and the preacher they have now.....well lets just say I knew him when he was a youth minister and I have a hard time getting that out of my head...he was a hypocrite back then..hopefully he has grown up in maturity and in his walk. I just cant stand to listen to him, no one can compare to Bob Russell! LOL Norm told me about your arm..I should call you rather than write a long comment huh? Guess I'll do that now!

KimberlyRies said...

I am enjoying your photos Mari. Wish I would have known you were at SE Christian Church. I live right around the corner!